Your Wine Destination Manager in Veneto

We organize wine tours to discover the wine cellars where tradition, culture and history come together through various itineraries where learning, tasting and enjoyment are the principal ingredients. We constantly aim to improve our itineraries not only showing the traditions but also underlining the innovating aspects.

Risotto amarone

Wine & food tours

These are the core of our activity. For several years we have organised food and wine tours in the whole Veneto area accompanied by expert guides.

We have always loved to share our passion for food and wine with our guests to allow them to appreciate and love our territory.

We want to give our guests the opportunity to explore the Veneto area and its excellences through our wine, culinary specialities, the territory and its local people.

Authentic experiences

Our experiences come from our love for the wines and our landscape with the aim not only to understand but to experience in an authentic way what we enjoy every day.



We are wine lovers and we enjoy visiting the wineries of our area to discover wines that are both unique and of quality.

The constant training in the wine world has allowed us to be a landmark for our territory.


We enjoy revisiting the wineries we have known for a long time, each time being surprised by the emotions that they give us, as well as when going to new and to us still undiscovered wine-cellars where we can be surprised by this still traditional world of artisans and vine growers, where importance is still given to the people, and guests can share authentic experiences.


Cooking classes

A practical and interactive cooking experience in the kitchen, with renowned expert chefs where our guests will learn in an enjoable way how to prepare traditional local and Italian dishes.

All the experiences can be customized according to individual needs and take place in very exclusive locations where guests will feel looked after.

Cooking class

They are truly sensorial experiences capable of leaving unforgettable memories for our guests.


Incentive travel

To reward ourselves or others, not simply travelling but offering a truly personal sensorial experience combining food and wine tasting together with the wonderful places that you can find in the Veneto area, is the best way to make it something unforgettable.

Travel Incentive

We organize experiences and events for different situations for internal company staff as well as groups of clients, suppliers and retailers.


Wine Team building & Training

We believe that taking part in the esperiences connected with the world of wines, is a perfect way to share emotions and create unity in teams.

Through our experiential activities we will make your team building projects, meetings and business training unique and motivational so that they will be considered an opportunity for personal growth. .

Team building

Our knowledge of this sector and of this territory also gives us the possibility to create bespoke experiences that can satisfy different needs according to the different business goals to be achieved.